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Hello my Wornette sistas! I am Carmen, one half of the new two-part web intern team here at Worn. In the interest of being both welcoming and stylish, I wish I could give each and every reader a double kiss on the cheeks, but alas, that sort of thing is still impossible through the computer screen. As a web intern I vow to get on that technological glitch ASAP.

I am a recent graduate of Concordia University where I completed my degree in Creative Writing. Of course, [unofficially] I also specialized in anxiety attacks, speed reading romantic epics, and trying not to let my eye balls freeze in Montreal’s frigid winter. For some strange reason the university left those last three off my degree!

When I first became aware of fashion in my elementary school years, it was clear that my idea of “in” was not the norm. While I lacked the funds to support my strange addiction to runways, show my 11-year-old self an editorial or gussied up model and I could provide the designer, season, and year for that dress, hat, or pair of shoes. Sure, some girls my age sought out the infamous three-stripe gym short, but all I could do was longingly daydream about Miucca’s teetering platforms. I am all about DIY-ing, and fancy myself a master beader, knitter, spinner (of wool!), and embroider…er. I like to think my clothing inspirations are eclectic, drawing upon anything and everything from a walk through Chinatown, to Elizabeth Taylor’s dynamic wardrobe in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or my weekly pilgrimages to The Village of Everything Valuable. (Seriously though, you should watch that movie even if for no other reason but to drool over Paul Newman).

I am very excited to start my internship at Worn, in part because it will give me a chance to explore, research, and engage in discourse about the captivating world of clothing and representation. Moreover, I now have the opportunity to feed a large group of people subliminal messages through the internet. Suddenly and mysteriously feel like eating peanut butter on celery? Don’t look at me.

Current Inspirations:

Hannah and Landon
With her self-proclaimed pout and “snaggle tooth,” Hannah is simultaneously mesmerizing and intimidating. A Canadian beauty currently living in the States, Hannah and her husband update a blog of photographs that look like they were taken straight from a fairytale. Hannah and Landon never share what they ate for lunch or where they went out last night, choosing instead to post pictures of their quiet forest jaunts or eerie doll collections. The best part, hands down, is Hannah’s plethora of vintage hats which she documents both unassumingly and hypnotically. I adore this blog (and couple!) for its small “slice of life” feel.

Hipster Musings
The writer of this fashion blog (Isabel) is adorable, taking pictures of what she wears outside her dorm each day. Her style is slightly punk and almost completely thrifted, but what I like most is how her passion has translated into influence. Though her blog is not beefed up with ads or ostentatious displays of HTML, her modest display and dedication to a sense of whimsical fashion makes her stand out in the blogosphere.

In the Mid-Nineties
Wornettes of my generation will appreciate all references to the nineties. Just mention Slater’s parachute pants, the Fantastic Flowers craft kit, or that time my brother traded me his crappy Ninja Turtle for my awesome one –and I will tear up in the spirit of nostalgia. This blog documents very intimate and almost personal pictures from author Barb’s rock show(star?) past.

Craftzine blog
I considered myself crafty until I started reading this blog. The website is positively oozing with every kind of craft idea, from LED coasters, to shelves made of old novels, to organza flowers for pins and headbands. I am absolutely addicted to the creativity and DIYs on this site!

July Stars
With the onslaught of fashion blogs out there, navigating quality from quantity can be more than a little overwhelming. This blog consolidates the cream of the crop, combining beautiful photographs, personal anecdotes, and a sprinkling of historical inspirations.

I also have my own personal blog that is sometimes fashion related but largely about whatever floated my boat that day. Can you conjugate that expression in the past tense? I just did.

6 thoughts on “Carmen Wornette

  1. Aw reading these new intern intros makes me feel so lame about my own because I wrote almost nothing.
    I love Hipster Musings! You know I was was *this* close to getting her to come to our Bata shoe party she had to catch a bus home that night or something (I hope you are reading this Isabel and feeling all the resentment in my voice.)
    Anywho, welcome Carmen! I anticipate many an amusing blog post from you.

  2. Oh I love Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! It is my all time favourite movie and I too draw inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor’s character “maggie the cat”…. I will never forget when paul newman’s character asked her “what is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?” (insert swoon) and her reply was simply, “stayin on I guess, long as she can.” (in that southern drawl) and scene.

  3. Hey Carmen, can’t wait to meet you at the meeting tonight! I check out the hannah and landon site, I can’t believe those two actually exist and are a real couple – so gorgeous and artistic and cool! thanks for the link.

  4. Love the Cat reference. Big Daddy is one of my all-time favourite silver-screen characters.
    I tried to get into Hannah and Landon, but I can’t do it. They’re just too cute and saccharin-y for me… Maybe because I have no heart.

  5. I’m loving the Hannah and Landon blog. I feel like such a creeper, peeking at such intimate moments of their lives but they are pretty stalk-worthy.

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