Brittany Wornette

I started taking photos of my friends from high school, hanging out in mall parking lots. We would listen to Sonic Youth and eat Mac’s Milk food every day while sitting on the roof of my friend’s car. Not much has changed. I studied film production and cultural studies at York University, however, after discovering artists like Stephen Shore and Jeff Wall, my sights were set on working in photography. I work as a commercial photographer day to day, which is a bizarre yet rewarding job to have. My greatest influences are Tennessee in the ’50s, Paris in the ’60s, and New York & Los Angeles in the mid-’90s.

My style when I was younger was typically inspired by movies more then anything else. After watching Trainspotting, I bought a pair of incredibly tight skinny jeans that barely fit over my ankles. I loved Annie Hall so I decided to find oversized khakis at Value Village. I watched Kids on repeat, which inspired me to wear a raggedy Independent t-shirt from Black Market that my mom hated.

Today I’m typically inspired by the people I see on the street day to day. I think as long as you stay true to who you are, then you’ve got great style.

Current Inspirations

Chic Heroin
This is my friend Liz’s blog. Liz is a beautiful person, inside and out. She has clean yet unique style, mixing both vintage and new pieces. Also her hair is truly a work of art.

Tiny Vices
Tim Barber, the creator of this site, has had a huge influence on contemporary photography. His site features truly talented fine art photographers from around the globe.

Cooper Cole Gallery
Check out Cooper Cole Gallery Simon’s gallery featuring amazing contemporary artists who you will most likely hear about when you’re old.

Shop Spanish Moss
I’m addicted. If you want to look like you just walked out of a psychedelic desert, this is the place to shop.

This is the place to go if you’re bored or need inspiration.

photography // Serah-Marie McMahon

6 thoughts on “Brittany Wornette

  1. I love your description of finding inspiration in movies. I’m just the same way. I went through a big shorts-and-winter-tights phase after watching When Harry Met Sally. I bet could I could sort half the stuff I own just based on movies. Heh.


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