Book Reviewer

WORN is looking for clever biblio-filles (and garçons) to review fashion books for us. We regularly write fashion book reports on our website, and we want to add your voices to our arsenal of awesome.

Interested? Please submit the following:

1) Three writing samples in the style of WORN, one of which is a book review: your book review doesn’t have to be a fashion book, and it doesn’t have to have been published, but we want to see that you can write critically about the books you read. Read some of our past reviews to get an idea of what we’re looking for. No academic papers, please.

2) A list of fashion interests: WORN has reviewed books on everything from facial hair, to Emily Dickinson’s relationship with clothing, to fashion-centered crime drama – a list of your interests will help us find you books you’ll enjoy.

Please note: this, like everything else WORN does, is volunteer. Do it for your love of books, your love of writing, and your love of WORN.

Email with submissions or questions.

photography by Alyssa K. Faoro from issue 12 “Bibliofilles”

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