Book Review: The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines

There comes a time in every comic book geek slash fashionista’s life when she must ask herself, “What do costumes and couture have in common?” The Supergirls sets out to answer that question, and explores the slight of the superheroine since the early 40s. While the book is centred on feminist and cultural interpretations of women in comic books, fashion still plays an important part, similar to the role regular clothing holds in our own society. The book looks at how costumes have evolved with trends over the past 60 years, why they are significantly more provocative than those of their male counterparts, and the transformative powers costumes often posses, bringing out the best and the worst in their wearers. This book is a quick read that skims over the history of publishing powerhouses Marvel and DC, making it informative enough and providing sufficient cultural context for those who may have no prior comic book knowledge.

by Mike Madrid – Exterminating Angel
reviewed by Anna Fitzpatrick (originally published in Worn Fashion Journal Issue 9)

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