Book Review: prim. Magazine, June/July 2009 issue

I like my magazines the way I like my imaginary tropical vacations – far-fetched and implausibly glamorous. Comprised mainly of captivating editorials with a sprinkling of rock-and-roll interviews, prim. caters to my fantastical tendencies. Models traipse around the desert wearing Lanvin dresses, clouds of sparkles and puddles of finger paint mark the pages, and even the inserts are stickers instead of pesky ads. The June/July 09 issue of prim focuses on Petra Storrs, Lauren Kovin, and Emilio de Morena – all of whom are designers with a penchant for sculptural concepts in clothing. From the general lack of advertising to the interview in which Montreal designer Rad Hourani discredits the mere notion of “it girls,” this magazine is definitely WORN-approved. Honourable mention goes to the eerie use of Rorschach tests, causing me to wonder if the whole publication is really an exercise in fashion therapy. Oh, and one more tiny thing that’ll make you feel like a prune juice guzzling g-ma; the editor is 15.

prim. Magazine, June/July 2009 –
reviewed by Carmen Vicente (originally published in Worn Fashion Journal Issue 9)

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