Book Review: Cut Magazine, issue 01

Cut is the kind of magazine I want to read but will have to settle for browsing, since my German is a little rusty. It’s mostly a DIY style and fashion publication, littered with a dozen or so interesting tutorials. Three tissue patterns are even included for wearable projects – in this issue you can make a scarf, bag, and a dress. The instructions can be tricky, and some projects (like silk-screening) are more or less impossible without being able to read the text. But the images save the day, covering everything from European street fashion blogs to contemporary embroidery. My very favourite is a woman drawing the Chanel logo onto her tee-shirt with lipstick. To me, this sums up the content of Cut: they’re not against fashion, but they know it’s a construct. So why not construct it yourself?

Cut Magazine, issue 01 –
reviewed by Hillary Predko (originally published in Worn Fashion Journal Issue 9)

photography by Jessica da Silva

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