Bob Dylan is my Grandpa

I grew up listening to Bob Dylan, watching documentaries about the chain-smoking, smart-talking folk singer, and sitting in corners of bookstores, rifling through an ever-growing pile of Dylan-focused books. I don’t mean “I got into Dylan two years ago, experienced all the hipster-hype, and I’m ‘growing up’ now.” No. I mean that Bob Dylan was a part of my childhood, just like he was a part of my teenage years, just like he will be a part of my adult years.

A couple of Christmases ago I bought my dad the Bob Dylan Scrapbook because I (secretly) wanted to read it first. Then, last summer, I was at an antiques warehouse and bought a 95-cent book from the 1960s for fifteen dollars. It wasn’t even in good shape and I had to glue the cover back on. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a 20-something Dylan in a blazer and dress-shirt, grinning and hiding from the camera.

Daniel Kramer’s Bob Dylan (1967), along with documentaries like Don’t Look Back and No Direction Home, have convinced me that if I were a man, I would do whatever it took to look like Dylan. I’d cut my hair like his, messy and uneven, and I’d wear slim-fitting slacks, blazers, polka-dot shirts, and high-heeled Cuban boots every day of my life. Yes, every day of my life. Oh, and Wayfarers, of course.

Not only would I be a shameless Bob Dylan impersonator, but I’d tell people the real Bob was my grandpa. I’d make up a story about how my grandma met him in Greenwich Village in the sixties, and “it was all very secretive” because I think he was with Suze then.

Everyone would believe me.

Love the button-down, drainpipes, and over-sized blazer combination.
Yellow is definitely Bob’s colour.

This suit suits Mr. Dylan perfectly. I especially like the checked shirt peeking out from under it.

This must be Bob’s favourite suede jacket that Kramer talks about in his book.

- Stephanie Fereiro

19 thoughts on “Bob Dylan is my Grandpa

  1. A PLUS.

    oh bobby d.

    fine man to me.

    how you makes my knees

    go weak.

    (and yar. he’s a classic. i hate his appropriation into hipster culture. i mean, cool, more ppl dig him. but he must be properly dug. he aint no hobby garden.

    (im sorry if none of this makes sense! the pt is YAYAYAY

  2. furthermore. i wish as a woman to dress like him. sample a little yves saint laurent perhaps?

    i mean, cate blanchett looked amazing in i’m not there.


  3. Esme, you should do it! Cate Blanchett certainly did look amazing in I’m Not There. I feel like that’ll be another blog post altogether… I need to watch that movie again – maybe I should critique their outfits.

  4. I don’t mean “I got into Dylan two years ago, experienced all the hipster-hype, and I’m ‘growing up’ now.”

    haha this is too perfect.

    And I would believe you :) …. but you would have to let me say I was your long lost sister twice removed or something.

  5. hahaha! yes bob dylan is the best!!!
    my friend’s husband looks so much like him it’s crazy! he doesn’t try to, he just naturally does. actually, he is a perfect cross between a young dylan and a young bruce springsteen (it’s hard not to lust after him ;D). when she first laid eyes on him when she was in high school, she told all her friends she was going to marry him…and she did :D

  6. Lucky her! I wish it didn’t feel like guys nowadays who dress/look like Dylan are just cheap knockoffs, haha.

  7. I admire his looks, but I have always had a soft spot for his speaking voice. There is something very comforting about it.

  8. Sounds like you are hopeless Bob Dylan fanatic, who is probably on Bob Dylan’s freak list of people
    to be aware of. People that follow him or paint his windows black or send him strange messages or even worst. Dylan is a wierd guy himself. Not exactly the most sane guy on the block. I hope you get over
    your obsessoin before you get old.

  9. Just because you’re a “hipster” doesn’t mean you can’t have excellent taste or have a grave appreciation for things. (I also think that whether or not one is a hipster is something difficult to judge for one’s self. As Serah has said one more than one occasion, “We’re ALL hipsters. Everyone I KNOW is a hipster. The division is in whether we’re hipster DOUCHEBAGS or not.”)

    I say this because sometimes I feel like it’s become too easy to ride them – but dismissing their opinion is the same as dismissing anyone else’s – and that’s so unWORN.

    Besides, Dylan is Dylan. I don’t know it’s the kind of thing you can appropriate. Odds are you’ll like him whether you “should” or not.

  10. G, I didn’t mean to make fun of “hipsters” – Serah-Marie and I have having the “hipster” vs. “hipster douchebag” conversation right now, haha. What I meant was, it seems very ‘in’ to like Dylan right now and I didn’t want it to seem like WORN was just jumping on the bandwagon. I agree, though, it is unWORN to dismiss their opinion – didn’t mean for it to sound that way!

  11. I also didn’t take it as making fun of hipsters (hello we work at an independent fashion magazine – pot calling the kettle black) but more of a “I don’t like him just ’cause he’s getting a lot trendy attention right now” Of course Dylan is epic, but it’s quite the bandwagon lately.

    Also: I don’t really like Bob Dylan’s music. There. I said it.

  12. (also – ye, it’s to corporatization of dylan in the hipster “culture” / branding that offends me. obvs people can like whoeva dey like.

    (is it ironic that in typing that i remember a bob dylan dress i own, and desire to wear it tomorrow? see the kettle is not callin the pot anytang. it’s just a lot of appliances groovin around the highway 61 revisited.

    p.s. haha, yep, the best is people discussing hipsterdom. it’s the sure sign OF IT. haha!

  13. Bob Dylan’s you’re grandpa!?

    Love love this article! It was cute and funny and I definitely would be convinced of Bob being your grampy if you dressed like a man… if that makes sense.

    Thanks for making me laugh, man!

  14. I’m pretty sure the 3000 hits are thanks to Ms. Fereiro’s excellent writing style. Of course, I guess that Matt Dylan (oops, I mean Bob) guy is pretty popular too.

    Well done! Keep ‘em coming!

  15. Don’t we all wish Bob Dylan could be our grandpa? I remember for the longest time my favourite record as a toddler and then as a child was “the Blue Bob Dylan” , it took me years to find out that it was actually Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2 . I love this post because not only has it paid homage to the style and music of Dylan but sparked discussion on hipsterdom! In conclusion worn = awesome , dylan = awesome
    worn+ dylan = magnificent.

  16. Oh pretty good suits, i like those styles,those classical one,i wish i was on his generation,.Yeah,i believe Bob Dylan is your grandpa… Anyway, i heard that Bob is also a supporter of Eco-fashion,is it true? because I’m a fan of Eco-fashion,great idea that we need to do something about the environment. Great blog…

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