Black Magic

It was a busy weekend for WORN in Montreal. Not only did Citizen Vintage represent at Expozine where they brought bundles of new and past issues to the masses, but they also had one heck of a great time fêting the launch of our 13th issue.

Friday night WORN took over Citizen Vintage with drinks, awesome prize packs, shopping (because who doesn’t love a little browse with a little wine?) and a live set from local pop-punk-techno group, UN. Kara Keith brought partygoers to a standstill with nothing but an amp, a keyboard and some impressive loops, while percussionist Jen Reimer accompanied her from the audience. It was the perfect way to end a night that was all about lucky number 13, superstitions, and a little vintage magic.

Thanks to Citizen Vintage and everyone who made it out. Fun times!

text and photography by Sacha Jackson

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