Be a WORN Intern!


We are looking for a few awesome interns to join WORN Fashion Journal. If you have a dedicated passion to write, snap photographs, plan parties, style photoshoots, or graphic design, then our cat-decorated, snack-filled Parkdale office may just be the place for you.

Our intern positions offer valuable opportunities for those interested in fashion and publishing. Because WORN is a small magazine, our interns work alongside our editors, writers, and graphic designers helping with real tasks (never fetching coffee or picking up dry cleaning) and getting a chance to show their stuff in a creative work environment. Our interns frequently graduate to WORN staff positions, but everyone is a Wornette for life.

Why choose WORN? We are an independent print publication dedicated to offering a unique and inclusive perspective on fashion and style. Our readership is expanding dramatically throughout Canada and internationally. We are increasingly recognized by fashion lovers, vintage hounds, academics, and artists as a truly unique and smart magazine for people who want more fashion and less fluff.

Click here for applications and more information about available positions.

Applications are due by the stroke of midnight on September 19, 2012.

Questions? Email

3 thoughts on “Be a WORN Intern!

  1. Why doesn’t our office look more like the room in the picture? We should totally have a Fireplace Fundraiser. Heh.

    Also APPLY FOR AN INTERNSHIP NOW. Fireplace or no, working for WORN is pretty great.

  2. I wish I heard about this internship sooner. Would consider hiring a “wild card” applicant – like someone who’d pull cards randomly and do tricks. I promise to bedazzle the team and also never to use the word bedazzle.

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