Back to the Future

Lali in 1978 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Like the rounded corners on a sepia-toned photograph, there is something about gingham or polyester that can evoke a different era on sight. They say clothing can retain memories; photographer Irina Werning put that theory to the visual test with her photo series Back to the Future. In letting people recreate their childhood photos (and childhood outfits), the series is an exercise in both nostalgia and retro aesthetics – a little reflection on how much we might change while our clothing stays the same.

Flo, Maria & Dolores in 1979 & 2010

Flor in 1975 & 2010, Buenos Aires

La Negra 1980 and 2010, Buenos Aires

- Anna Fitzpatrick

3 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. This is great, I especially like how the adults make the same facial expression and body language as their younger selves. I’ve always found it interesting to see how people age, and how photographs are the main way we know how we looked long ago.

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