Be an Event Wornette

We have thrown some truly great parties. Karaoke cry fests, decade dances, and gala fundraisers, not to mention balls where everyone comes dressed like a cat. We love to celebrate with our readership and community, but all this play isn’t without a little elbow grease behind the scenes. We do our best to cook up something special for every WORN event, and now we need another crafty event wornette to donate his or her own special spice to our upcoming launch parties and fundraisers.

Here is how you can become our new event wornette.

GIVEAWAY: Prep-tastic Laptop Sleeve

We have one of these stylish laptop sleeves from Finders & Keepers to give away to one lucky Worn reader. To win, tell us a story in the comments about an item of clothing you’ve loved and lost. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us ponder the very meaning of our existence. You have until Friday, August 24th. Our favourite story wins the sleeve.

images by Veronica Wong

A Riddle in Verse

When not editing Worn Fashion Journal, Serah-Marie likes to compose incorrect haiku about fashion icons as entertainment for our staff parties. (She doesn’t always use the correct number of syllables in each line. Just go with it). Can you guess who each poem is about? First person to e-mail all the correct answers to webeditor @ gets a free available back issue of their choice.

Little black dresses
And perfume for possible
Nazi companion

Waistband signature
Perfume androgyny
Perplexing ex-wives

Two herbivore eyes
Cocaine scandal not harmful
So heroin chic

Queen of Harper’s and
The Met, not afraid to ask
“Why don’t you?”

Fictional writer
None can figure out how she
Paid for all her clothes

German creator of
Overexposed snapshots of
Famed daughters for Marc

Lost weight for fashion
But we never see his eyes
So maybe zombie?