Who, What, Why, and Wear

Isabel Slone takes WORN to Fashion Week

You know the old story: Girl starts blog. Blog gets read. Girl gets invited to fashion shows and meets famous people. This magical entryway into the fashion world may sound like a fairytale but it’s unquestionably true—and it’s happening to me—right now.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Isabel. I blog at Hipster Musings and I’m a long-time friend of WORN Fashion Journal—since August 2009, to be exact. As WORN’s first-ever Fashion Week correspondent, it’s my job to let you know that LG Fashion Week is happening in Toronto next week, from October 17th to 21st.

Over the next week, I’ll be writing blog posts for WORN covering all of the exciting fashion week happenings. I’ll be headquartered in Toronto at the WORN office and doing some serious Operation Blogging, keeping you up to date on the shows and the fantastic designers Canada has to offer. There will be show reviews, outfit posts, shameless namedropping and much more…

Then it’ll be this old story: Stylish and enthusiastic girl takes job as honorary Wornette. Everybody wins!