Outer Space Glitter Face

If only we had our own Robbie the Robot to make us a dress!

WORN Fashion Journal is shooting for the stars with Issue 18 – take a journey through the cosmos with Outer Space Glitter Face, a launch party that’s guaranteed to be a blast.

On Saturday, March 22nd, join the Wornettes for a party dedicated to everything out-of-this-world. Outer Space Glitter Face will be a night to map your fate in our galactic space, The Dovercourt House.

Pin the stars out of your eyes with our very own set of shimmering pins & headbands, plucked right from the celestial landscape to adorn your heavenly brow.

Prepare for landing with an eclectic mix of highly danceable oldies and vintage tunes, brought back to Earth by WORN’s very own Teddy the K.


Time and space is an illusion, but you won’t need an anti-gravity suit or a helmet to find us. We’ll be at The Dovercourt House (805 Dovercourt Road).

The planets align: 9:00pm.
The moon will wane: 2:00 am.

DRESS CODE: Out-of-this-world attire. Cool blues, purples, glitters, sparkles, and shine desired but not required.


$10 Advance Tickets are also available at Type Books (883 Queen St. W)
All tickets include admission and a dangerously delicious copy of WORN Fashion Journal Issue 18, The UnderWORN Issue.

OSC Cross

For more information on this and other WORN events, contact events@wornjournal.com

video // Daniel Reis


When we shot this editorial for issue 17, I hadn’t been to Honest Ed’s in about 25 years. My mother has a vivid memory of losing me inside the massive labyrinth of a store when I was a toddler. She remembers that I found it hilarious that she couldn’t find me hiding amoung all the bargains. My only memory of Honest Ed’s will now be this shoot, photographed by Lisa Kannako and styled by Paulina Kulacz and Candace Grayfer. Our models Martina Bellisario and Mark Teo donned bolos and boots on a very hot summer day and we had so much fun that I felt like hiding from my mom all over again.

Last week hundreds of people waited hours in line for the chance to take home some of the store’s iconic hand painted signs. I’m not sure if my favourite sign, which read “This Way You Lucky People”, was up for sale but I’m glad it made its way into our video.

video // Daniel Reis
end animation // Barry Potter

Living in Print

Behind the scenes of issue 16's prettily patterned photoshoot

When we first moved into our new office in the historic George Brown House in Toronto, we liked to pretend that we had stumbled onto the set of Downton Abbey. Almost every detail of this 1876 home was lovingly captured in our issue 16 photoshoot, ”Living in Print.”

Wornette Chayonika Chandra puts the power in power clashing as she blends into and boldly contrasts the walls (and floor) of our new home.

video and text // Daniel Reis
end animation // Barry Potter
photography // Lisa Kannakko
art direction // Serah-Marie McMahon and G. Stegelmann
styling // Lydia Chan and Kaya-Marisa Meadows

Mothership Connection

Behind the scenes of our issue 16 space-age photoshoot

With T-minus 10 minutes before we began our photoshoot “Mothership Connection,” we had to go over our checklist. Sequin dresses? Check. Gold-leaf eyelashes? Check. A year’s supply of aluminum foil? Double check. Finally, we were ready for launch.

Models Lydia Ogwang and Rina Sieh were our queens of the galaxy, regal in celestial metallics and galactic eyeshadow. Mission control was lead by photographer Allison Staton and our styling team of Casie Brown, Lydia Chan, and Kaya-Marisa Meadows.

If the papers want to know whose shirt we wear, they’ll have to pick up issue 16 to find out.

video and text // Daniel Reis
end animation // Barry Potter