Goldfish? I, For One, Would Never Want to Be Without Them

The aquatic designs of Cassandra Verity are the subject of this edition of WTFashion


Move over goldfish platform shoes. Next time I need to bring my goldfish out to see the world, I am definitely opting for this super-chic backpack by Cassandra Verity. Or possibly the backpack & purse combo, depending on how many of my goldfish want to go.

Fresh Faces/Bright Ideas at Pop Montreal 2013

WORN's pick Christina Julien plus some other memorable moments from the festival's shows




We are pleased to announce that Christina Julien is the Fashion POP winner for 2013. Her designs will appear in an upcoming issue, photographed by our own Allison Staton. Thanks to all the participants, and we can’t wait to see what Montreal comes up with for next year!

Christina Julien’s designs stood apart for me because they possessed that allusive simplicity necessary to truly call something a staple piece. Simple, but by no means dull. Christina has a unique approach to dressing the body, using black and whites shapes in sections to create the impression of two dimensionality. Pockets peeking out from under shorts and dresses, shorter waists, and dramatic volume in the arms and shoulders also serve to shake up what might otherwise have been conservative silhouettes. One of the most impressive things about this collection is its versatility; the pieces lending themselves well to both pared-down or bolder looks.

I look forward to creating an editorial around these clothes. We can tell virtually any story we want with them. They speak at that perfect volume, allowing the woman wearing them to say exactly what she wants. Their graphic nature will certainly be striking yet their wearability will keep them down to earth and accessible.

- Allison Staton, WORN photographer & Fashion Pop judge











photography // Laurence Philomène

Mad Victorian Fantasy

Wornettes attended Toronto's annual Steam on Queen street fair, a celebration of Steampunk

This June marked the second annual Steam on Queen, one of the world’s largest outdoor Steampunk fairs, at Toronto’s historic Campbell House. It was a fitting location for the event, being the oldest surviving house in the city, and despite the weather not really cooperating, people got dressed in their Steampunkiest finest for a day of shopping, music, and art devoted to this retro-futuristic subculture.

photography // Laura Tuttle