At night I dream of Viktor and Rolf

We almost never do this at WORN, but Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2010 collection was just so so so amazing, I can’t help it. The mix of peach, coral, and turquoise with harsh black lines and hints of structured menswear tailoring with billowing bias just blew my mind. Have I mentioned the gravity-defying tulle? I can’t stop watching the video – every time a model turns the corner and you’re hit with this wall of cross-sectioned tulle, my heart beats a little faster. What do you think?
hearts, Serah-Marie

8 thoughts on “At night I dream of Viktor and Rolf

  1. I’ve never seen something so absurd that is so entirely wearable. I am confident, given the opportunity, I could rock most of this.

    When will the opportunity present itself is the real question…

  2. The blue cut-out thing at the bottom right is absolutely insane. Can’t get over it. I forget where I saw the same dress photographed against a black background, but it blew my mind! Just perfect.

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