Are You Stoked For Our Beach Ball Yet?

We know that dressing for a theme party isn’t always a walk on the beach, so the styling department here at WORN thought we would help out all you sunbathing Betties and fun-loving Freddies planning on attending our issue 14 launch party. Myself and new style intern, Rachel, took a break from hanging out at the surf shack (read: the overheated WORN office) and visited some local Toronto shops to serve up a few inspiration outfits for Saturday’s Beach Ball.

Putting together the above looks of red-hot culottes, stripes, and tropical floral prints from Robber was a breeze. Let your legs out of hibernation, and the sun kiss your arms in shorts and a rolled up button down—or let nature be your inspiration and throw on a floral dress. We’re sure you’ll have no problem hanging ten in outfits like these.

Summer nights and vinyl go hand in hand, which made it really hard to resist stopping by Of a Kind- the adorable and handsome canine pictured above didn’t hurt, either. We browsed through Beach Boys albums between ogling their collection of woven hats and bags.

If itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis mid-May aren’t your thing (not that we’d judge), slap on an ankle length nautical skirt, cuff those linen trousers and get your feet wet. Might we also add that this is the perfect occasion to dust off that Cool Runnings tank you ironically bought at a garage sale three summers ago, or bust out that oversized tee you painted a sunset on that summer you were bored and lonely at your grandparents’ cottage (I know I’m not the only one).

This is what I imagine every beach-goer in the late ’80s and early ’90s wore. Right down the street from the WORN office, Philistine was a treasure trove of cutoffs, neons, and silk blazers that would stop any Miami Vice heart cold. But if Crockett and Tubbs aren’t your jam, a breezy lace frock over a floral mini-dress is the perfect mix of Courtney Love and Castaway; sadly, volleyball named Wilson and smudged eyeliner are not included.

Photography By Brittany Lucas
Styling By Casie Brown and Rachel Walker

9 thoughts on “Are You Stoked For Our Beach Ball Yet?

  1. Great post! I am getting so stoked for the party now!

    Can’t wait to go back to the stores and shop for my outfit

  2. My friends had a great idea to come all dressed up to accommodate the “ball” part of this event but they would all be dishevelled and dirty because they just survived a cruise ship wreck. Unfortunately they were discouraged by someone, but hopefully I can persuade them to still do it.

  3. Oh my gosh, your friends are the best and PLEASE MAKE THEM DO THAT. Ugh. If only I had thought of a Gilligan’s Island themed outfit sooner!

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