Are you feeling WORN down?

With the cold weather only just giving way to slush, and another month until the new issue comes out, some of you may be suffering a WORN deficiency in your diets. The only cure? More WORN of course! As we work day and night to get issue 12 out to you, here are some (more like many) supplemental Wornette-written blogs to keep you going until its release.

Gwendolen – Edith’s Head
WORN’s Managing Editor shares the photos she has acquired over years of dealing with an uncontrollable (and uncontrolled) image collecting habit.

Max – Max’s Blog
Max gives us a personal take on fashion issues, politics, trips to India… and nearly everything in between.

Rose – Paper or Plastic
Complete with mood boards, music inspiration, and “what I wore today” photos, Rose invites you to gaze into her closet of vintage, thrifted, and not-new treasures.

Haley – Swipebook
A collective of wonderful fashion photos. Highlights include cat sweaters, Riot Grrrl memorabilia, and Justin Bieber nail art.

Alyssa – Between Shoe and I
Alyssa rebels against the rules of journalism school and instead writes about fashion, food, sparkly things and personal stuff.

Casie – Shall I Love you, Said the Swallow
The only word to describe Casie’s blog is lovely. Full of ethereal photos, frilly fashions and antique finds, visiting is like falling into a beautiful daydream.

Stephanie – Forever Never
A classic fashion-inspiration tumblr with the addition of some great quotes from women like Joan Didion and Sylvia Plath — and occasionally some words from Stephanie herself.

Anna – Sylvia Wrath
Fashion stuff, Buffy, pirates, and zombies. What more can I say?

Alexandra – Lex Louise
A brand new tumblr by Alexandra that manages to tie together ballet, unicorns, goths and James Franco. Awesome.

Serah-Marie – My House but Prettier
Editor-in-Pants Serah-Marie dreams of what her house would look like if she had infinite resources; so very pretty.


Jackie – Is Well Read
Jackie’s interview-based blog for book lovers looking for recommendations. If only she’d update more… HEM HEM COUGH.

Peter – Hidden Enigma
A brand new (only one post so far) blog by graphic design extraordinaire, Peter. Can’t wait for more!

Hillary – I will Shout Until They Know What I Mean
A fantastic personal blog by Hillary that has recently become another neglected Wornette blog (shame on you). Update please?

- Alyssa Garrison

5 thoughts on “Are you feeling WORN down?

  1. Gwen – yo pic collection be mad distracting! (I love yr tumblr!! POo to essays, now I got kewl photos to trawll troo . . !THANKS

  2. Max, your blog is pretty great. Your piece on Harper’s coalition obsession was excellent:
    “When facts don’t matter and opinion is everything, politics becomes a game of who can talk loudest and most repetitively. Sadly, many people, unable to make sense of all the noise, tune out, leaving only the most motivated to choose the direction of our country.”

    (And sadly, benevolence isn’t such a great motivator.)

    You articulated a lot of my own feelings about not only the “Harper Government” (please) but also the recent Ford victory in Toronto. Nicely done.

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