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My introduction to the perils of having an individual sense of style came early; at age nine I was singled out for being the only girl to wear heels to my suburban North Vancouver elementary school. I was so proud of my tiny cork wedges with denim straps, but the jeers of my fellow students eventually forced me to tuck them into the back of my closet. Although I’m a long way from caring what people say now, I’ve still never looked at cork quite the same way. I’m so excited to work for a publication that, had they known me 11 years ago, would’ve told me to rock those wedges! WORN doesn’t celebrate trends, it celebrates personal style, which is something I’ve been looking for in media for a long, long time. Other than being a Wornette, I spend my days at journalism school, reading classic romantic novels with my cats, working in a heavenly chocolate boutique, eating breakfast at Sadie’s Diner and riding my rusty cruiser all over town.

Current Inspirations

Wedding Gawker
Wedding Gawker fills all those scattered moments in my day when I actually have free time to spare; in truth it could fill WEEKS of my time. Don’t be misled, this is not simply a site for people planning weddings – it’s filled to the brim with gorgeous pictures of just about everything lovey-dovey related and squeal worthy.

Bruno Dayan
By far my favorite fashion photographer. Period. His images are completely out of this world beautiful. They blow me away.

Sea of Shoes
Self explanatory; endless crazy amazing beautiful shoes, often found with a pinch of fashion and some witty commentary. Drool away.

This blog works as my little window into geeky Australian hipster trends, and it doesn’t just stop at fashion. There’s quirky music, art, design, and even some crafts to do at home.

Vanilla and Lace
This girl is amazing. Her photos are so high-quality and, I have to say it, pretty. Everything on here from the homemade pumpkin spice lattes to the fashion is just so ridiculously pretty. Although I’m a little iffy about some of the DIY’s (homemade deodorant?) most of them are so inspiring I often want to skip school to make them.

10 thoughts on “Alyssa Wornette

  1. My suburban North Vancouver elementary school principal called me into his office to tell me that makeup wasn’t allowed. I was rocking some super dark berry lipstick on a regular basis. I blame him for making current me feel slightly uncomfortable in lipstick in general. Luckily I still love eyeshadow.

  2. Reading classic romantic novels seems so lonely if no cats are around….you should check out The Photo Album by Frankie Magazine, its so so wonderful. I can lend it to you if you want!

  3. @ Casie… um YES! I would love to borrow it! One of my friends is a photographer featured in it but I still haven’t seen the actual album.

  4. Hello Alyssa!
    Thanks for the link to the Vanilla and Lace blog. It is very quaint and I have already bought supplies to make my own laundry detergent and pumpkin spice lattes in the spirit of Autumn

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