ADVENTUS: The Next Incarnation of the Summer Dress

It was a terrible day. The only thing that didn’t suck was the weather (which just keeps getting nicer). I found myself walking home through downtown Toronto carrying the jacket and scarf and hat I had needed in the chilly morning. It was nice to think that soon I wouldn’t have anything but my purse and pockets. It put me in the mood for summer dresses…

I almost walked past CTS Vintage, but then I thought, what the hell?

I try not to recommend stores. I think we can all find enough crap to buy without outside encouragement. But I have to say, my last three experiences at CTS (394 Queen St W*) have been delightful.

Nestled into an unexpectedly large space at Queen and Spadina, it’s a shop with loads of thrift stock (at thrift prices) and a vintage section. Justus, the guy responsible for picking the vintage gold at their downtown location, has a stylist’s eye and sense of humour, and he’s not shy with his opinions or recommendations. It’s a nice break from the bored disengagement of most boutique staff (even if it does make it harder to leave without buying).

And that is how, in the middle of my lousy, beautiful afternoon, I found myself trying on an uncharacteristically biblical looking white dress (it didn’t fit the girl in the next change room over and Justus thought it might be just the thing for me) and falling in love. I took it home for 15 bucks.

It won’t save your life, but it might make your day.

- g.

*Check the CTS website for other locations in the GTA. I can’t guarantee the staff will be as awesome.

5 thoughts on “ADVENTUS: The Next Incarnation of the Summer Dress

  1. “I try not to recommend stores. I think we can all find enough crap to buy without outside encouragement.” And that’s one of the many reasons why I love WORN so much – there’s no “and go here, here, and here if you’re looking for a prom dress in Toronto,” which we could probably fall into much more easily than we’d like to think. But this one, tiny recommendation for another cool place to find recycled clothing is fine by me. Great post by G, once again.

  2. One bad thing about keeping posts in queue for so long is that the line about the weather getting nicer has gone from being accurate to ironic. I anticipate one day in the near future you may be able to wear that dress outside again

  3. Too bad it’s winter again. I love the dress! You look like the main character in a horror movie (that’s a compliment!)

  4. I have to agree CTS is a great place for vintage at reasonable prices. I work right next door and I find some great stuff on my lunch breaks all the time. For instance, the amazing, primary purple trench that I scored for 15 bucks. Also, about the staff, while they are willing to help you when you want it, the are equally cool with just leaving you be and letting you shop.

    The dress looks great on you by the way!

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