A Wornette in Paris

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I traveled to Europe for my first time this summer, specifically France and Amsterdam. Paris! The French Riviera! How should I pack?!!? Glamorous? Chic? Comfortable? I kept my wardrobe to a backpacking minimum: Birkenstocks, skirts and tee-shirts, but quickly discovered that most other tourists were not as practical-minded as I was.

I saw the above couple across the bustling Leidseplein in Amsterdam. This exceptional woman didn’t speak English so she couldn’t possibly have understood what I was going to do with her picture, but she couldn’t have been happier I asked to take it. These two were so special that as I took their photo two other people came up and asked to do the same. She wouldn’t let me leave until I took a picture with them. She sent me off with a kiss on each cheek.

I met this girl in Old Town in Nice. It was close to 40 degrees out and most people were slinking off the beach in their bathing suits. I loved that the heat didn’t deter her from dressing up. If I had been wearing her outfit on such a hot day all I would be able to think about would be sweat stains. I suppose the peek-a-boo back could be built-in air conditioning.

The lovely lady on the left works at Colette, a concept-store in Paris. The top floor of this two-story mecca does away with the usual retail clothing displays, and instead displays their impossibly beautiful and impossibly expensive goods on mannequins styled like art installations through the store. I assume that you have to ask for your size but with price tags in the hundreds and thousands of euros I wasn’t going to find out. I met the girl on the right in Amsterdam. Her cat eyes and funky outfit stood out among a sea of cotton tee-shirts, blue jeans and comfortable walking shoes.

Almost two years ago, our Coco traveled to France and prophesied about The Next Big Thing: the harem pant. Just as she guessed it, the trend has arrived in North America and is still going strong all over Paris. I loved that in the picture on the right, her boyfriend wasn’t uncomfortable being photographed holding his girlfriend’s purse.

I practically tackled the blonde girl as she strutted down the streets of Paris. She had just finished a photoshoot and was strolling with her photographer. He showed me some of the shots on his camera. There were lots of sexy motorcycle poses, and in that outfit sexy biker was clearly the obvious choice. I met the woman on the right in the Louvre. This LA chica was very cool about having her picture taken. With her amazing look I get the feeling she’s used to getting stopped on the street, or in museums.

I had a great time on my trip and even more fun talking to strangers. People watching is the best way to travel.

-Sarah P.

7 thoughts on “A Wornette in Paris

  1. Heh – the gentleman in the top photo has such a sly-boots expression on his face! I bet those two are a whole lot of fun to hang out with.
    Woot for Harem Pants – Hammer Time ALL THE TIME!

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