Wooden Shoes and Rug Dresses

The opportunity to attend LG Fashion Week in Toronto was a crazy, wonderful experience, but it gets to a point where it stops feeling like your life is a Dr. Seuss children’s book called Oh, The Places You’ll Go! and starts feeling a little more like you have a mystery case of undiagnosed anemia. Playing the waiting game all day in between shows becomes more exhausting than exciting after you’ve done it for a few days, with only free cereal bars that taste like Pop Tarts in your stomach. I kept it together pretty well until Day 4, when I didn’t even attempt to take any pictures of the runway shows and the sentences scribbled in my notebook got shorter and less coherent. For example, my notes on the Krane show consist of: “Seated in the back row. Couldn’t see a thing.”

For me, the standout shows of Day 3 to Day 5 were Sid Neigum, Sarah Stevenson and Baby Steinberg.

crazy shoes at Sid Neigum

Andrej Pejic opened the show at Sid Neigum, which immediately stole my heart. The models wore wooden blocks strapped to their feet, paper eyebrows taped to their faces and tromped down the runway wearing those intense asymmetrical black garments and cropped motorcycle vests that only bitchy fashion editors and cool kids alike manage to pull off.

Sarah Stevenson’s show was set up like an art gallery. The models stood on platforms around the room while the crowd mulled around, taking pictures and enjoying themselves. The dresses were very mature and pretty, but really serve as a blank canvas for her magnificent prints. Each model stood beside an easel portrait of the print they were wearing, complete with a description of the inspiration for the print and how it was rendered.

Baby Steinberg

Baby Steinberg was great because it was all about the repurposing of unwanted materials by turning rags into beautiful dresses. Oh, not to mention I had a front row seat reserved exclusively for me. The dresses were created through the technique of braiding rags into thick ropes and forming dresses from lengths of rope. I definitely made a placemat using this technique when I was a mere rural child in the 4-H Sewing Club, so it was awesome to see these simple techniques replicated in a fancier way. This collection was what I’m all about—the fashion industry taking a stand by creating garments that are more than just “pretty.”

Korhani Home Rugs

The “Weirdo of the Week” award goes to Korhani Home Rug, where floor carpets were fashioned into runway-worthy garments. Since Hallowe’en is right around the corner, I’m sure no one will get offended if I refer to them as “costumes” because there was a rug belly dancer, a rug safari explorer and a rug Alice in Wonderland. It was cute, kitschy and cheesy at the same time, but most importantly, it was fun. By the end of the show, I was convinced that I too could really use a jacket made of kitschy carpet material.

Time and time again, I found myself most intrigued by what the people sitting in the stands were wearing over what garments I saw flying down the runway. Fashion week affirmed that the way each individual put clothing together with their unique tastes is really what excites me most in the fashion world.

Karolyn Ellacott (right)

My favourite stylish lady at LG Fashion Week was Karolyne Ellacott, writer for Post City. Each day she came to the tents dressed in something unique and amazing. I always got excited thinking about what she would wear the next day, and she did not disappoint. Am I sensing a potential WORN Crush?

I am utterly grateful to have met so many professionals in the fashion industry, people who are not just good-looking but actually good at their jobs, as well as cool internet folks that I always wanted to be friends with in real life, like Chandler Levack and Rebecca of Lot Sixty Five. It was a wonderful week, but I’m really glad to be home.

text by Isabel Slone
photography by Jessica da Silva & Isabel Slone

3 thoughts on “Wooden Shoes and Rug Dresses

  1. Those pieces from Baby Steinberg look so cool! I wish I’d been able to see that show. Also I love your description – weirdo of the week for Korhani, totally true. IT was one of the most fun shows though, by far.

    It was utterly fabulous finally meeting you and dining on a fancy but quick curry. :)

  2. The Baby Steinberg collection looks ah-maz-ing. I’m coveting that green crochet pencil skirt.
    But I’m going to have to totally agree with you that the style on the sidelines seems way more fun then the focal points on the runway.
    Great post, Isabel!

  3. This is the best coverage of toronto fashion week ive encountered – and I love the Toronto Street Style pics you took. I don’t care what anyone else says: there are tons of people in this city who are stylish and unique.

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